Tomato Soup and Tricks of the Trade

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Last summer I ran out of time to make all my tomato sauces so instead I chose to freeze the extra 40lbs. of tomatoes.  That was probably one of the best moments of the year.  These tomatos have ended up becoming some of the easiest and best soups I have ever made.  Remember I am the master of easy !  If a recipe goes beyond a halfpage my mind has drifted to other things.  Why did I run out of time last year – well it was the frenzy of cheating issues that came my way.  What is this obsession with cheating on your partner I asked myself?  Noone is exempt from this destructive behavior – 40 yrs of marriage poof – destroyed with one foolish decision.  New marriages levelled before they have really even started.  Egads!  Why are people not happy with the partners they chose?  After all is a can of tomato soup not  just a can of tomato soup?  Are there that many variations?  Well apparently yes – there are!

I started sniffing around to find out what was going on.  First I stumbled across a blog that gave people tips on cheating effectively – basically Tricks of the Trade.  So here they are:

  1. Have a separate credit card.  Apparently its difficult to explain to your spouse transactions that do not benefit the family.  Money leaves a trail!
  2. Be up front with your lover that you are in a relationship.  Be in control of your cheating arrangements.  Explain it is just sex and nothing else (this really worked will in Fatal Attraction didn’t it)
  3. Don’t act guilty.  Dont adjust your behavior – guilt can change people.  Express your feelings towards your spouse normally – no moods!
  4. Have a secret email account.  Duh.  Guess how General Petraeus got caught?Did you know that one in five men has a separate email account?  – check out the article and that was five years ago!
  5. Erase voice mails and texts – texts are a killer if you are a cheater.  get them off your phone or have a separate phone.
  6. Cheat with someone out of town.  If this is not possible aim for another city.
  7. Practice safe sex .  Does this really need to be spelled out anymore?
  8. Dont be careless.  Cheating is serious business – you have to be on top of your behavior and your receipts and your commitments.  Miss one and the house of cards might come tumbling down.
  9. Know when to call.  Dont continue the affair if the person has reservations.  Move on.  One night stands are far less complicated.
  10. Dodge marital espionage. Knowing when and where to cheat is critical if you dont want Ms. Private Investigator tailing you.    Remember their client is your spouse and they have all your information so catching you turns out to not be that hard.

The headings are quoted from a  article on Infidelity – the sarcastic wording is mine.   The article was written to help people enjoy cheating; though dangerous, it could be fun and exciting.  High risk apparently equals high rewards.

These tips can also help the partner that is wondering whether their other half has started the cheating game.  Use these as your tools to determine whether cheating is occurring.

As an investigator I am always asked Why?  Why does my husband, my wife cheat?  I don’t have answers; I have through experience developed some theories.  One is that people get bored in their relationships – they get too comfortable and forget about including some excitement and romance back into their lives.  Spice up that tomato soup I say!  Be sexy, be fun, be challenging, be difficult, laugh with abandonment, get away from the TV, the computer, whatever it is keeping you in the same place.  Review your role in the partnership – maybe its time for a switch; maybe your partner needs to start taking care of the finances and you get a break;  treat your partner like they are the best tomato soup you have ever had!

Speaking of tomato soup – here is my Slow Cooker recipe for Easy and Filling Tomato Soup.

  1. Take your tomatoes out of the freezer (I usually have five frozen together in a ziploc bag – I am talking about beefeater tomatoes here) and put them in the slow cooker for 8 hours (this should be the low setting) and cover with water.  I do not peel or core them – all of that is nutrition that you are removing.
    1. After they are cooked thoroughly take your  immersion blender  and go to it.  Blend it all – skin included.
    2. Now you have a slightly orangy-red broth.  This is what you want!
  2. Have prepared – about one cup washed barley; half cup washed rice (neither is cooked), nicely chopped up carrots, celery, onions if you want, turnips, parsnips – what ever you like in your soup.
  3. Throw this into your broth.
  4. Add your herbs – thyme, oregano, herb salt, pepper, chili flakes and so on.
  5. Add some more water.
  6. Cook in slow cooker on medium for about four hours.

You will have a nice thick healthy organic tomato soup that is delicious!  What spices and flavour you add to it depends on your preferences.  I like my soup spicy so i add a lot of chili flakes.  For those that like it milder stick to the tame spices.


Remember its alway easy to add spice later but you have to start with a solid foundation! Kind of like a relationship – the basic ingredients are worth building on. Don’t cheat – separate, divorce, but don’t betray your partner, your children, and your whole way of life.  That’s like eating that cheap tomato soup in the can.  It just isn’t good for you.





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