Vegan Sarma Recipe

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30cd7c7e1a102b854456f97ad9708516[1]Most of my recipes still look like this!  I love the feel of the paper and the words handwritten on the paper by the person who gave me the recipe.  Of course they could all be put onto a computer data base but it would remove the memories from the recipe!   (FYI – the picture is for illustration not a recipe i have used)
So here is my recipe for Sarma:


1. one head of sour cabbage

2. one pack of Yves vegie ground round

3. One onion

4. Cup of uncooked rice

5. Spices – garlic, pepper, salt

6. Large jar of saurekraut


Line the bottom of your pot with sauerkraut. – as much as you like.

Take the head of cabbage and cut the end off – throw that in your pot or eat it.  No rules here!

Take the outermost leaves and put them on the sauerkraut.

Start filling the leaves until you run out – of leaves or filling!

Roll, place on sauerkraut; repeat until you have two or three rows (or more) and cover with a couple of sour cabbage leaves.  Fill the pot with water (and add a dash of organice smoked flavoring if you really need that touch).  Cook on medium until boils; then lower temperature and cook until you cannot take it anymore!

The filling:

Take a bowl and throw in the vegie ground round, chopped onion, cup of uncooked rice, and all your spices.  Spice to your own preference.  I like my food spicy but keep this recipe close to mom’s original!  Mix well.

Thats it folks !  The myth of cabbage rolls is dispensed.  You do not need  a large kitchen or ten ethnic women trained in the arts of cabbage rolls to make these.  Simple and wonderful.  Enjoy.



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