Saturday Snooping

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One of my favorite activities on a free Saturday is to check out the local garage sales or estate sales.  If nothing exciting is listed on Craigslist  then I head to a garden store.  This weekend I chose Gardenworks!  I found their organic and non-gmo tomato plants to be quite reasonable at $3.29 a plant compared to regular tomato plants at $2.49.  But I do find their herbs overpriced at $3.99 individually unless you purchase 6 – then they drop to $3.79.  I was running out of time so went for them!  The key to having an organic garden is to only buy organic seeds or starter plants – I know this sounds simple but it was a challenge to find everything I was looking for.

However  I rebel at buying seasoil from Gardenworks at $7.99 when the exact same soil is sold at Home Depot for $6.99.  I mean really – the same product.  It is a hassle going to the other store for soil but when you end up buying several bags within a month it can amount to  $10.00 and up.  Gardening can become an expensive hobby at the best of times so keep your costs down in this department.

On the other hand while I was standing in the lineup at Home Depot several people were commenting on the poor quality of the plants sold there; all of them had the plants die on them last year. I confess to having had the same problem but had attributed it to my neglectful approach to watering.  It appears I may have been incorrect.  A key factor to purchasing quality plants I think is to purchase them from the nurseries.  After all this is their primary business and as such focus should be on customer satisfaction.  This year it was seeds or starter plants from nurseries.  I hope it is an improvement over last year.

One of a private investigators best skills is the ability to notice the unusual.  This skill carries into one’s personal activities too – often to the detriment of your kids (who are always trying to pull one over on you).  Shopping becomes a logistical analysis of the product, the price, the value, the options available , the stores that carry the item.  So in a sense shopping can be exhausting!




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